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Zhavel-kleyd - disinfectan
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Zhavel-kleyd - disinfectan

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Zhavel - kleyd - disinfectant


General properties and applications:

tablets of white color weighing 3,5 g, well soluble in water. Is issued in plastic banks on 1 kg (300 tablets). Content of active chlorine - 44 of % ! Tablets it is possible to apply 0,5% of solution of detergents with addition. Producer Clade (France).




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The tablets "Zhavel - kleyd" apply:

a) in treatment - and - prophylactic institutions of all directions (hospital, policlinics, sanatoria, rest houses and so forth) and the centers of infectious diseases (including tuberculosis), infections virus (including hepatitises and HIV infection) and fungal (candidiases, dermatomikoza) etiologies;

b) in children's institutions (school and preschool);

c) on objects of municipal services (parikmakhersky, washing, baths and so forth);

d) at trade enterprises and public catering, life;

e) in the center of infectious diseases, ambulance cars;

e) on blood transfusion stations.


The tablets "Zhavel - kleyd" it is intended for:

a) the general (preventive and current) and final disinfection of surfaces in rooms (a floor, walls, doors, including the polished and wooden furniture);

b) disinfection sanitary (shower rooms, bathtubs, sinks, toilet bowls, pools) and other equipment (medical, production and so forth);

c) objects of patient care, linen, ware, toys, means of cleaning;

d) for disinfection of products of medical appointment from glass, polymeric materials, rubber; e) in institutions of public catering;

e) for disinfection of surfaces of rooms at the plants, factories, structures, on the rolling stock and objects of railway transport.

Structure of means - sodium salt of dikhlorizotsianurovy acid - 80% (active ingredient), adipic acid - 10% , a carbonate of sodium of 10% .

Advantages of the tablets "Zhavel - Kleyd" over other means:
1. Universal behind a range of antimicrobic action and effective in fight against infections of all types (bacteria, viruses, fungi). At dissolution of one tablet in water it is allocated 1,47 - 1,62g (44% ) active chlorine.
2. Economic thanks to accuracy dispensing and low norm of expenses: one can it is possible to process 15000 sq. m at bacterial and viral infections.
3. Convenient in use: the tablet is quickly and completely dissolved in water thanks to sparkling additives; it is applied by method of rubbing or irrigation; does not demand special conditions of preservation.
4. Safe for people and the environment as hlornuvatisty acid is in the connected state and does not break up with formation of free chlorine.


Expenses of working solutions rubbing - 100 ml on 1 sq. m of a surface; irrigation by a spray - 150 ml on 1 sq. m of a surface.

The guaranteed period of storage 3 years.

Information is up-to-date: 01.07.2022

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