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Rosin pine
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Rosin pine

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Rosin pine


Zhivichny rosin pine  - solid, fragile, vitreous transparent pitch light yellow (is more rare dark red) colors, the component of resinous substances of coniferous trees remaining after an otgonka from resinous substances of turpentine.




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 Rosin is well dissolved on air, alcohol, acetone, turpentine and benzene, it is worse — in gasoline, kerosene and furfural; it is not dissolved in water.

Temperature of a softening of rosin of 52 - 70 °C; temperature of boiling is 250 °C; thermal capacity of 0,54 kcal/kg; heat conductivity of 0,11 kcal/m of hour hail; hidden warmth of melting of 15,8 kcal/kg; coefficient of expansion of the melted rosin 0,055; heating capacity of 9074 - 9171 kcal/kg.

Is a part of pitches of coniferous trees and it turns out as the rest after an otgonka from them a flying part. Pine and its derivatives apply rosin as emulsifier in production of synthetic rubber, in production of plastic, imitation leather, paints, electroinsulating mastics and compounds. Also rosin pine is applied as gumboil at a tinning and the soldering. Rosin pine represents mix of resin acids.

 It has excellent recommendations at application in the following branches:

 1. The paper industry - for paper gluing, most often apply in the form of gloss oil glue.

 2. The fatty industry - is applied to soap manufacture quality rosin.

 3. Paint and varnish industry - as a basis of a varnish in the natural form.

 4. Rubber industry - for production of linoleum, a galoshny varnish, for giving to elasticity rubber.

 5. Oil industry - for preparation of jellied lubricants.

 6. It is applied as gumboil to removal of oxidic films and pollution from the surface of metal and to its protection against oxidation in process.


The minimum scope of supply - 97,5 kg of a flank.


Information is up-to-date: 12.04.2021

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