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Kaprolon (polyamide-6) core
  • Kaprolon (polyamide-6) core

Kaprolon (polyamide-6) core

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Kaprolon (polyamide - 6) core


Details from polyamide - 6 perfectly absorb shock loadings, are durable, have low coefficient of friction and can work without lubricant in frictional units. Is also fine dielectric which does not concede, and surpasses such insulators as polystyrene, polyvinylchloride and others in mechanical and thermal firmness. It is well processed by milling, turning, drilling and grinding.

It is delivered in plates and cores with a diameter from 10 to 300 mm.

It is steady against influence of carbohydrates, oils, alcohols, ketones, air, alkalis and weak acids; it is dissolved in cresols, phenols, the concentrated inorganic acids, ant and acetic acids, in the fluorinated and chlorinated alcohols and ketones;

from 5 to 10 time no more than 1,5 mm in size on 1000 sq. mm of surface area; a breaking point at stretching of 3,0 - 3,3 MPas; the fatigue period - 50 years.




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Material kaprolon is used for helm port plugs of baller, thrust bearings akhtershtevnya, ship deadwood and steering bearings, bearings of sliding of mechanisms, gear wheels, rope sheaves, plugs of the operating drafts rumpelya and vintorulevy columns. Low friction and the self - greasing properties reduce efforts of turn of a wheel. Correction of a course becomes easier with smaller delay. Increase in accuracy when laying a course saves fuel.

Lubricant exception — decrease in expenses. Each kilogram of lubricant given to bearings of a baller without consolidations will get to water sooner or later (and it is one source of pollution of water). Elimination of lubricant means essential decrease in expenses and at construction - the number of pumps and pipelines is reduced, need of performance for details of various drillings and frezerovka disappears.


Durability: material kaprolon surpasses bronze, nylon and layered plastics as is less subject to action of abrasive particles in dirty water in service life. Material kaprolon perceives shock loadings much easier, than other rigid materials. The low coefficient of friction of material kaprolon reduces wear at friction on details. Plugs from material kaprolon maintain such accidents on shipyard as falling from a building berth on a bottom of dock.

Weight: specific weight of material kaprolon makes one seventh weights of bronze: bearings from material kaprolon lose the weight of the big vessel on thousands of kilograms.

Plugs from material kaprolon are usually mounted previously cooled with artificial ice or liquid nitrogen. Developed by the settlement sizes, they easily are installed into place, reducing labor costs and time of installation several times, than at installation of bronze plugs.

Time of installation and the need for the expensive hydraulic equipment for a press fitting is reduced. The possibility of jamming of the bearing at a press fitting is excluded. Plugs have no flanges and, therefore, bolts and hairpins, installation and which inhaling increases labor input — factor and indirect cost.

Kaprolon is processed purely and does not contain asbestos. When processing elastic shaving without dust or gas is formed. Kaprolon the only nonmetallic material which does not contain asbestos or other components hazardous to health allocated when machining.

Bearings from a kaprolon show the increased resistance to corrosion in comparison with metal bearings. Kaprolon is the insulator and does not participate in galvanic reactions.

The specified properties predetermine an extensive scope, a kaprolon as as substitute of non - ferrous and ferrous metals and other traditional materials (textolite, rubber, etc. ), and as independent constructional material. Kaprolon is exposed to all main types of machining on ordinary metal - cutting machines. Material has the high impact strength and sufficient durability that is a necessary combination of properties for the materials intended for protection of transport systems. These properties were already successfully used for protection of transport systems at an overload of bulks. Material is very high - quality replacement of polyethylene of ultrahigh pressure! Resistance of material to influence of high temperatures was successfully checked by replacement of the special consolidations working at temperatures about 90 °C with them.

Recommendations about machining of a kaprolon .


It is applied:

In shipbuilding, automotive and chemical industry, in metallurgy, in the oil - extracting industry, in agricultural machinery, in the food industry.


Technical characteristics of a kaprolon (polyamide - 6) on TU 6 - 05 - 988 - 87


Indicator, measurement unit.

Breaking point at a bend

not less than 800 kg. with/cm2

Breaking point at stretching

not less than 800 kg. with/cm2

Breaking point at compression

not less than 1000 kg. with/cm2

Impact strength

not less than 140 kg. with/cm2

Hardness by a method of cave - in of a ball

not less than 17 kg. with/mm2

Permissible specific load

no more than 50 kg. with/cm2

Friction coefficient on bronze at lubricant water

0,05 - 0,08

Optimum working temperature, °C

- 40 °C + 80 °C

Admissible worker of subjects - ra: during the long work

+ 110 °C

During the short - term work

+ 150 °C

Melting temperature

220 - 225 °C


1,15 - 1,16 g/cm3

The elasticity module at stretching

2000 - 2300 MPas

The elasticity module at compression

3500 - 4000 MPas

Strength at compression

not less than 90 MPas

Strength at a bend

not less than 80 MPas

Hardness according to Brinell

130 - 140 kg · with/cm2

Tension of work of RhV

15 MPas · m/s

Frost resistance

- 50 °C

Heat resistance on Martensa



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