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Dezaktin - disinfectan
  • Dezaktin - disinfectan

Dezaktin - disinfectan

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Dezaktin - disinfectant


General properties and applications:

chlorine - containing disinfectant in the form of powder of white or yellowish color with a characteristic smell of chlorine, we will well dissolve in water.




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Pharmacological properties

Solutions of a dezaktin are intended for different types of disinfection, predstrerilizatsionny cleaning (PSO) and the combined disinfection and sterilizing processing. Dezaktin it is possible to process various surfaces, rooms, ware, the equipment and medical tools from corrosion - resistant materials.

Dezaktin solutions can be used in any treatment - and - prophylactic institutions, laboratories, clinics and out - patient clinics of various profile, in institutions of public catering, at the enterprises of the food, pharmacological, cosmetic industry, in life and municipal services. In a word solutions of a dezaktin are used everywhere where it is necessary to carry out disinfection according to existing rules of sanitary and hygienic rules.


Properties and use of solutions of Dezaktin

Well deletes all types of biological pollution (fatty pollutants, phlegms, protein, blood and so forth);

- has the washing properties;

- to belong to a little dangerous by substances;

- processing of the medical products and surfaces made of materials subject to corrosion or not steady against chloric connections of a dezaktin is not allowed;


Term storage of solutions of a dezaktin of 3 days;


Period of storage in an original packing 3 years.


Range of antimicrobic action:

Has bactericidal, tuberkulotsidny, virulitsidny, sporotsidny and fungicide svo

Information is up-to-date: 01.07.2022

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