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The polystyrene foaming F 401
  • The polystyrene foaming F 401

The polystyrene foaming F 401

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The polystyrene foaming F 401


The foaming F 401 polystyrene - a product of suspension polymerization of styrene in the presence of a steam generator. The foaming suspension polystyrene is produced in the form of spherical particles which surface is processed by various substances preventing a congestion of electrostatic charges when transporting and improving technological effectiveness of polymer when processing. 




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Material possesses the closed cellular structure, for 95% consisting of gases which are used in the course of foaming. The important characteristic of material is the size of granules – fractions which defines its subsequent use.

On appearance of a granule of expanded polystyrene represent translucent parts of spherical shape of milky-white color. Material has low heat conductivity and, as a result, heat insulation. 

Polystyrene turns out compound of standard styrene with the modifying additives for giving to some grades of polystyrene of specific properties. Polystyrene has good rigidity, hardness, dimensional stability and easily gives in mechanical, thermal, etc. to processing.

From polystyrenes make the widest scale of products which first of all are applied in a household field of activity of the person (disposable tableware, packing, children's toys etc.), and also the construction industry (heat-insulating plates, a fixed timbering, a panel sandwich), facing and decorative materials (a ceiling baguette, a ceiling decorative tile, polystyrene sound-absorbing elements, glue bases, polymeric concentrates), the medical direction (parts of systems of blood transfusion, Petri's cup, auxiliary disposable tools).

The foaming polystyrene after high-temperature processing by water or steam can be used as the filtering material (the filtering nozzle) in columned filters at water treatment and sewage treatment. High electrotechnical rates of polystyrene in the field of ultrahigh frequencies allow to apply it in production: dielectric antennas, support of coaxial cables.


Name of indicators

F 401


Size of granules, mm



Density of a product, g/l



Type of packaging:

It is packed into an air-tight container like Big-Beg on 900-1200 kg, it is stored in the cold place, packed up in bags on 25-50 kg.




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